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TL494 - SMPS PWM Classic Controller

Peregrine Semiconductor - RF CMOS

CD4093BC Quad NAND Schmitt Trigger

Freescale Semiconductor now NXP

National Semiconductor now with TI

Fairchild Semiconductor - Chip Pioneer

Wide-Bandwidth Dual JFET Opamp LF353

Dual Low-Noise JFET Opamp TL072-TI

CA3140 and CA3130 Special Opamps

Offline Isolated Flyback LED Controller - LT3799-1

LED Drive using TPS61042

AD636 - True RMS to DC Converter

Zero-Crossing Triac-Driver Optocoupler MOC3041

Precision RMS Value of AC Waveform - LTC1968

Texas Instruments - TI Semiconductors

MAX1910 White LED Charge Pumps - Maxim IC

MAX1561 - 26V Step-Up Converters - Maxim IC

Cirrus Logic - Analog and Mixed-signal

IRS2980 - LED Driver Control IC - International Rectifier

ST7LITE09 and LED driver STP16CP05

Constant LED Brightness and LDS8711

5 Watt LED driver with Zetex - Diodes

SSL2101 SMPS Controller - NXP Semiconductors

Solar Cell Voltage Booster with MAX856

Digital Potentiometer - AD5242 - Analog Devices

MAX5160 Digital Potentiometers - Maxim

AD8436 - Low Cost RMS to DC Convertor

TPS65070 Handheld Gadget Power Chip

LT1510 - CC CV Battery Charger

Fast-Charge Controllers - MAX712 and MAX713