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Sensitron Power Semiconductors

QuickLogic - Flexible Semiconductor Platforms

LM317 - Adjustable 3-terminal Regulator

LM3445 - TRIAC dimmable offline LED driver

ROHM - Electronic Components

Intersil - Analog and Power Semiconductors

7800 and 7900 Series Voltage Regulators

ICM7217 Presettable Up-Down Counter

LM336-2.5 - Voltage Reference Diode

Infineon Technologies - Advanced Semiconductors

LM335 - Precision Temperature Sensor

4-20mA Conditioning - XTR101 TI BB

NXP Semiconductors - Electronic IC Devices

ON Semiconductor - Signal and Power Devices

ADS7816 - 12-Bit High Speed Sampling AD

CD4060 Binary Counter Divider Oscillator

ADuCM360 - Precision Analog Microcontroller

LM3914 - Dot Bar Display Driver

LF398 - Monolithic Sample and Hold Circuit

LM2575 - Buck Adjustable Switching Regulator

LM723 Power Electronics Workhorse

STMicroelectronics - Industrial and Automotive Semiconductors

LM311 - Fast Low Power Voltage Comparator


BD139 and BD140 Complementary Transistors

Linear Technology - Analog and Interface Solutions

SG3525 - PWM SMPS Regulator Chip

ICL7107 DPM and DVM chip from Intersil

ICL7135 A to D converter with BCD Output

GLOBALFOUNDRIES - Semiconductor Manufacturing Fab