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IXYS Semiconductors - Power and RF

Allegro MicroSystems - Power ICs and Hall-effect sensors

Ricoh Electronic Devices - Smart Energy

TDA5051AT - Home automation modem

Silicon Laboratories - High Performance Mixed-signal

ZiLOG - Application Specific SoC

LUW CN5M - OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Z-Power LED - Seoul Semiconductor

ULN2003A - Darlington Transistor Drivers Arrays

LUXEON Rebel White - Philips Lumileds

XLamp XP-G Power LED from Cree

LED Lighting Devices from Nichia

Cypress Semiconductor - PSoC and System Chips

Microsemi Corporation - High Performance Devices

Xilinx - Programmable SoC and FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor - FPGA CPLD

BC557 PNP Transistor General Purpose

High-Voltage High-Power IGBT - Hitachi

Micron - Semiconductor Solutions - Memory

Integrated Device Technology - IDT - Semiconductors

Analog Devices - Semiconductors and Signal Processing

Hendon Semiconductors - Microelectronics Design

CM100E3U-12H - 100A 600V IGBT - Powerex

MAX1169 ADC Analog-to-Digital converter

Plessey Semiconductors - CMOS IC Solutions

Advanced Linear Devices ALD - Precision CMOS IC

OP07 - The Instrumentation Opamp

Maxim Integrated - Analog Integration

74HCT4067 Analog Multiplexer

4N35 Optocoupler